Now it’s time to Dive for your Dreams

Discovery Day to Experience Scuba Diving Without a Certification.
Great for those of you who always wanted to try scuba diving but don’t have time for the 3-4 day certification course. Yes, snorkeling is great, but nothing beats the tranquil and amazing experience of being in the underwater world in a peaceful way.

The Discover Diving Day is a great way to experience diving. Your Baptism of about  2 hours of dive training and you can hover weightlessly beneath the surface of our amazing waters trip with an instructor and all gear included.

Discovery Day Suba Dive Details:

What you need to know:

MINIMUM GROUP SIZE: 4 people – If you are one person alone, we can allocate you to another group.

The minimum age for Scuba Diving is 10 years, and all divers must be able to fit safety equipment.
Briefing, (use of diving equipment and safety procedures ) Diving Baptism.

Activity Duration: 1:30 Hours ( Plus transportation time)

RECOMMENDATIONS: You will need to bring a swimwear and a change of clothes.  Sunscreen is recommended water.

Scuba Diving is subject to weather and water conditions.

INCLUDED:  Accredited Monitor, transportation, scuba diving equipment, and all security materials bath at the end of the event.

Scuba Diving Reservation

Scuba Diving Adventures

Scuba diving could lead you most memorable experience or give you the chance to capture that perfect shot. 

Discover Scuba Diving Program Schedule

PADI has a 1-day experience that is called a “DSD” – Discover Scuba Diving. The day involves familiarity with scuba equipment, personal instruction and 2 dives on the wonderful reefs that we have here in Sesimbra at your convenience.

This program lets you safely view the underwater world in only one day. You learn the basics of diving, and then you will be led on an exciting tour. If you already tried a Scuba Diving Experience or are Certified by PADI, BSAC, CMAS or any other agency, check with us to see how credit from these courses may apply to the open water program.

It’s never too late to learn! We have introduced many people to the underwater world via the Discover Scuba program. People often tell us that they have wanted to dive for years, but they have never gotten around to doing it. Others have told us that they thought they were too old.

Book Your Discover Scuba Diving Experience.

As long as one is physically fit to dive there is no matter the size, shape or age. If you feel that scuba diving is for you but never had the opportunity to try diving – let us show you what you are missing diving here in Portugal.

We dive and run diving courses all year round weather permitting

Daily Scuba Diving Trip Services

Scuba Diving Trips

Passenger transfer, including equipment 2 dives including all equipment.

After being picked up in the morning by one of our vehicles ( in case transfer included in pack ), you will be brought to our dive center in Sesimbra, where you will be equipped with a full set of fully serviced scuba diving set.

Once all are ready, we set off to the pier from where you will board in one of our boats that are fully equipped with safety gear.

After a short boat brief, to familiarize yourself with the boat, you can then set up your gear and relax on the short trip out to where we will do the first dive, the time it takes to go to the dive sites will average about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on dive site. Along the way to the first dive site, you will get a nice breeze, while you can see the cliffs of Arrábida that end up in the sea.

Just before you jump in the water, you will off course have a dive brief from either your PADI Instructor, who will go through the whole dive site that you are about to emerge yourself into, so that you can be familiar with it as well as know what to expect in terms of marine life as well as other things such as currents, dive procedures and safety issues, then you do your buddy check, look towards the horizon  and take a large step forward.

After your first dive, once back on the boat, relax. This is a great time to compare notes on your dive as well as past dives, dive locations, dive equipment and get to know new people, who share similar interests.

After your dive (unless you have paid for one extra) we will head back to the pier, whilst you relax and enjoy the ride, chatting with the other divers. All the Equipment will be packed and made ready for transport back to the Dive Center.

Once on the pier, you will get back on our vehicles and brought back to the Dive Center, where you will be able to take a bath and stamp your log book, as well as finish with the Instructors if you are on a course.