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Canoeing and kayaking has become one of the most desirable outdoor activities. It is a very exciting and adventurous sport. Guided tours, Canoeing or kayaking. The wild and scenic coast of Serra da Arrábida or Lagoa de Albufeira ambiance is exciting adventures that are open to almost everyone, including families. Entry level paddle trips are a great way to relax amid spectacular scenery.

Canoeing and kayaking are safe and fun for adults and kids alike and can be practiced in Portugal most of the year round.

Your experience starts by learning about the usage of the equipment and how to handle basic situations on the kayak or canoe. You will be given all equipment: a kayaking helmet, safety life jacket, and paddles.

The only things required for you to bring along are a towel and your own swimsuit.

All of the information and safety will be provided by professionals, so you can ease your mind and enjoy the journey.

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