Explore scenic waterways along the coast with a fantastic landscape

We have the entire range of opportunities from Kayak or Canoes rentals and Guided Tours.

Kayaking has become one of the most desirable outdoor activities. It is a very exciting and adventurous sport. Guided tours, Canoeing or kayaking. The wild and scenic coast of Serra da Arrábida or Lagoa de Albufeira ambiance is exciting adventures that are open to almost everyone, including families. Entry level paddle trips are a great way to relax amid spectacular scenery.

Kayaking and canoeing are safe and fun for adults and kids alike and can be practiced in Portugal most of the year round.

Canoeing and Kayaking Details

What you need to know:

MINIMUM GROUP SIZE:  4 people minimum If you are one person alone, we may allocate you to another group.
The minimum age for canoeing is 8 years, and all Canoeists/Rafter must be able to fit safety equipment.
Canoeing/Kayaking is subject to weather and water conditions.
Please note that you will need to bring a swimwear, change of clothes and a towel, Sunglasses, and sunscreen is recommended.
Please allow 2 or 3 hours for your Canoeing / Kayaking Tours
plus the transportation time.
Canoe / Kayaking

  • Scenic and fun on an always flat ocean waters
  • Great for team building
  • Local, knowledgeable guides
  • Perfect for first timers

Group Kayaking/Canoeing Session 

Starting 40€ pp

OF TOUR: 2 or more hours.
SUGGESTED STARTING TIME:  9:30 AM and until the end of the day.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Water. Wear: soft clothes, sports shoes, bathing suit and sun cream

INCLUDED:  Accredited guide, and all security materials

Kayaking and Canoeing Reserves