Coasteering is an exciting activity involving Cliff Jumping, Swimming in the Ocean, Climbing and walking along the Rocky Coastline.

Experience Coasteering in Sesimbra, exploring the many caves, inlets, and coves in Serra da Arrábida Natural Park

Coasteering is fast becoming one of the most popular water-based activities in our Natural Park of Arrábida. Discover the ruggedly stunning Sesimbra coastline with an exhilarating coasteering experience!

Considered a brand new sport, combines swimming, climbing, scrambling, traversing and cliff jumping into one adrenaline fuelled experience that will leave you inspired and amazed!
Coasteering is the most dynamic way to explore and enjoy our incredible coastline. A passion for people and adventure all combine makes our coasteering sessions the ultimate in coastal exploration and excitement.

Coasteering Details

What you need to know: DURATION OF TOUR: 3 Hours ( Plus Transportation time)

SUGGESTED STARTING TIME: Please consult us about schedules


Minimum age 12 years.

RECOMMENDATIONS: You will need to bring a swimwear, change of clothes and a towel and sunscreen is recommended, trekking or sports shoes, water.
Coasteering is subject to weather and water conditions.

Insurance, Accredited guide, Boat transportation, and all security materials.

What we’ll provide for you:
• Safety equipment
• Buoyancy Aid
• Wetsuit
• Helmet
• Any safety equipment you’ll need for your chosen session
• One or more friendly, professional and highly qualified guides that will make sure you have an incredible experience
Remember, coasteering is accessible for everyone and you’ll gain some incredible memories that will last a lifetime.


starting €60 pp

Let us take you on a journey that you will never forget.

Coasteering is an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping adventure activity that takes place around the rocky coastline. It is a combination of adventure swimming, exploring gullies and caves using the movement of the swell and traversing the lower level rocks to dumping sites.  You will be jumping from a height suitable for you, swimming through some amazing sea caves and exploring areas of the coast that you would never normally see

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